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Memorial Hospital Releases Results of 2015 Economic Impact Study

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?

November 18, 2016

            The Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County (MHSC) has recently released their 2015 Annual Economic Report which indicates that the hospital makes a significant contribution to the economic health of our community as a service provider, an employer and as consumers. It is estimated the total economic impact of MHCS is $ 216 million which is a top ranking local economic institution. This represents a 167% increase in 6 years according to Quorum Health Resources the authors of the study.

            The study also makes observations about our community noting “Sweetwater County is a vibrant economic area”. This is reflected in above average wage scales and home pricing. The report also notes “Sweetwater County is largely healthy with a health status score that greatly exceeds the national average”. Local education levels are “higher than the national average”.

            The study documents the trend of increasing the availability and attractiveness of local health services has reduced out-migration for medical services, primarily to Utah, allowing us to keep our local health care dollars at home. The dollars spent in our community for healthcare enhance our community and not someone else’s.  This is a credit to both local health care providers and consumers to their mutual benefit. An additional benefit is avoidance of the time and expense of travel to other locations.

            The study was performed by Quorum Heath Resources for the Hospital Board and included extensive internal document reviews, government report analysis and interviews with hospital staff and community members. The study is available at the Hospital website for review.

            The report indicates we are indeed “healthy, wealthy and wise”.

To view the 2015 Economic Impact Study click here