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The City of Rock Springs has several liquor licenses available.

The City of Rock Springs has several liquor licenses available for business use.

The number of Restaurant Liquor Licenses available is unlimited.  A “Restaurant” means space in a building maintained, advertised, and held out to the public as a place where individually priced meals are prepared and served primarily for on-premise consumption and where the primary source of revenue from the operation is from the sale of food and not from the sale of alcoholic or malt beverages.  The building shall have a dining room or rooms, a kitchen, and the number and kinds of employees necessary for the preparing, cooking, and serving of meals in order to satisfy the licensing authority that the space is intended for use as a full service restaurant.  “Full service restaurant” means a restaurant at which waiters or waitresses deliver food and drink offered from a printed food menu to patrons at tables or booths.  The service of only fry orders or such food and victuals as sandwiches, hamburgers, or salads shall not be deemed a restaurant for the purpose of this definition.  The initial cost of a Restaurant Liquor License is $1,500 annually (pro-rated, as all licenses run from April 1 through March 31) and a $175 advertising fee.  Upon renewal, the fee is $1,500 annually, and a $55 advertising fee.
There are six (6) Bar & Grill Liquor Licenses available in Rock Springs.  A “Bar & Grill” must meet all the requirements of being a full-service restaurant, but allows a bar/lounge, where alcoholic beverages are dispensed, and patrons can sit and order drinks and food.  The annual fee schedule for a Bar & Grill License is as follows:
                First and Second Year                     $10,500
                Third Year                                            $  8,000
                Fourth Year                                         $  5,500
                Fifth Year and After                         $  2,500

On initial application, the fees are pro-rated, as all licenses run from April 1 through March 31.  Initial advertising fee is $175, and the renewal advertising fee is $55.  A Bar and Grill License application must be accompanied by a Business Plan, which will be reviewed by the Liquor License Committee, who will form a recommendation to the governing body, based on established criteria. 
There are twenty-three (23) Microbrewery Licenses available.  To be a “Microbrewery” the business must be a commercial enterprise at a single location producing not more than fifty thousand (50,000) barrels per year and no less than fifty (50) barrels per year of malt beverage.  A Microbrewery license can be held along with a resort or restaurant liquor license.  The initial annual fee for a Microbrewery License alone is $500 (pro-rated, as all licenses run from April 1 through March 31) and a $175 advertising fee. Upon renewal, the fee is $500 annually, and a $55 advertising fee.  If the Microbrewery License is held along with a restaurant or resort liquor license, then the fee for the Microbrewery License is waived and only the restaurant or resort liquor license fee will be assessed.  Advertising fees will still be applied for the Microbrewery License.
There are unlimited Resort Liquor Licenses available.  A “Resort” complex will have an actual valuation of, or the applicant shall have committed or expended on the complex, not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000), excluding the value of the land; it shall include a restaurant and a convention facility, which convention facility shall seat no less than one hundred (100) persons; and include motel, hotel, or privately owned condominium, town house, or home accommodations approved for short term occupancy with a minimum of one hundred (100) sleeping rooms.  The initial annual fee for a Resort Liquor License is $1,500 (pro-rated, as all licenses run April 1 through March 31), along with a $175 advertising fee.  Upon renewal, the annual fee is $1,500, with a $55 advertising fee.

For more information regarding the liquor license application process and to obtain the necessary forms, please contact Krystin Muniz in the Clerk’s office, City of Rock Springs, 212 D Street, Rock Springs, WY  82901.  Telephone: 307-352-1500.