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Social Media When You're Pressed for Time

Social Media when You're Pressed for Time


Social media is not something that you can set up and then forget. The goal is to create an ongoing relationship with your customers and potential customers. So if you ignore your social media sites, you're ignoring them.


Posting consistently, at least once a week, is expected. Without dedicated staff, this can be overwhelming to a business.


Ignoring social media will cost you in customers and sales. It is a way people can check on your skills, customer reviews, your engagement with customers, and more. It is not like a website, which has 1-way communication and is static. Social media is 2-way communication and is always evolving.


So how do small businesses participate in social media when they have so little time?


Here is a strategy that may work for you:
  • Identify who your ideal customer is.
  • Focus on the best social media platform to reach your ideal customer.
  • Create a BUSINESS page on that platform. Both FaceBook and LinkedIn have business pages that can be attached to your personal page.
  • Put a link to your social media business page on your website and at the bottom of your emails.
  • Sign up for Google Alerts.
    • Google Alerts is a free service that will send you links to articles on any topic(s) that you choose.
    • Choose several topics that would interest your customers. One should be directly connected to what you do. Others can be on indirect topics (i.e. for a mechanics shop, this could be car safety).
  • Once a week, look at those articles to find one that your customers might like. Write one or two sentences about the article, and include a link to the article. End your post with "What do you think?", "Do you agree?" or some other question.
  • Ideally, find a picture to go with your post. There may be a picture connected with the article that you can use. If not, search online with your browser and select "images". Right click on the image, save it, and include it with your post.
  • This can take as little as 15 minutes.


Obviously, the more personalized you make your posts, the more effective they will be. So you can use pictures and comments about your real business or your real customers (after getting their permission). But it is hard to do this consistently. The strategy above can give you information to post every week.


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